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I am currently a senior at Rice University studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. My interests are in software engineering, artificial intelligence, and computational neuroscience. I enjoy building, learning, and applying mathematics and computation to interesting problems.

Aidan Curtis
27 April 1998
Houston, Texas
+1 (919) 538-2639
Rice University Student

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  • Stanford NeuroAILab
    2018 - Present

    Used model-free deep reinforcement learning (A3C, PPO, DQN) to solve visually rich 2D tasks. Conducted an architecture search over pre-trained convolutional network features for fine-tuning. Adapted deep reinforcement learning methods for 3D continuous control and navigation tasks with visual input and a continuous action space.

  • UT Neuroimaging and Electrophysiology Lab
    June 2017 - present

    Used machine learning, digital signal processing, and time series analysis techniques on ECoG data to find significant patterns in the usage of critical language production areas of the brain. Methods include: Support Vector Machines, Spectral Coherence, Granger Causality, Wavelets, Fourier Analysis, Filtering, Clustering, Phase Locking Value, Phase Slope Index, etc

  • Rice Digital Gym
    Fall 2016 - present

    Developed an ionic mobile application and a node.js backend that is currently deployed in AWS

  • North Carolina State University Power America
    June 2015 - December 2015

    Data mining and web scraping on the wide-bandgap semiconductor product space. Created a tool for visualizing the WBG semiconductor market and associations with academic researchers.

  • Lead HealthSense Developer
    June 2017 - Present

    Building a mobile sensing platform (Web, iOS, Android) with Rice ECE that assists researchers in conducting longitudinal studies by collecting physiological data through mobile devices

  • Lead App Developer at LinkerLogic Technologies
    June 2014 - June 2018

    Met with clients to discuss and design applications that help clients to reach their goals. Created cross-platform applications for clients and oversee all technical projects completed by staff. Notable iOS and Android applications include: WRAL, Park Time, iConnect2Colleges, VoteBash, GymNow (Now Localfit), Digiref, Iceburg.

  • Webassign Technical Content Developer
    June 2016 - August 2016

    Used Mathematica and LaTeX to script interactive questions for the webassign platform.

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